Do you want to Paint a Snowman? 
Or ride our bikes around the hall... 
Step-by-Step Painting Tutorial, Supply List, and Tracer

Do you love to paint and craft?

Are you the “Artsy” or “Pinterest Queen” of your circle? If you want to grow your paint party business so that you can share the love of art with others and make some extra money in the process, you’re in the right place!
I have spent the last several years teaching paint parties and have learned all the shortcuts and secrets! I now teach other creatives how to do the same in Paint Party Headquarters!
Listen, you are NOT a starving artist. You just lack the tools and knowledge to MONETIZE your craft. I will teach you! So, for starters... Sign up below to get the Double Snowman Painting Tutorial sent right to your inbox so you can start teaching Paint Parties now!
Step-by-Step Painting Tutorial, Supply List, and Tracer
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