How to Teach 
Paint Parties 
You may have heard of paint parties or even been to one, but what you probably didn't know is that you can make a little or a LOT of extra money teaching them!!!    AND they are so much fun!!!  
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Online Bootcamp Taught by Heidi Easley from Texas Art and Soul
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Virtual Bootcamp with Bonuses!    
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Online Bootcamp Taught by Heidi Easley from Texas Art and Soul  
I sell this for $397 on my website! 
You can make back your investment in ONE Party!!!!   
Then Rinse and Repeat the process OVER and OVER! 
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Let's Teach A Paint Party!   
Earn Your Investment Back in as little as 4 Weeks and then Rinse and Repeat the Process OVER and OVER again!  
  •  Virtual Bootcamp: 8 Module Virtual Bootcamp with videos of me telling you EXACTLY what to do… and PDF handouts with step-by-step instructions.   THIS IS THE PROCESS ALL MY CLIENTS USE TO TEACH PAINT PARTIES AND MAKE MONEY!!!  
  •  Paint Party Marketing 101: The critical 2 steps that most people DON'T know that either cause them success or failure!   This course alone is so powerful!  It's my proven techniques and EXACT emails and phone scripts that generate almost all of my income!  (This is the method I used to quick my teaching job) 
  • Virtual Masterclass: 1 Hour full of the most asked questions... ANSWERED! 
  •  Canva and FB Events Training!!!!  
  •  Monthly office hours/group call with me where I will personally answer your questions to give you the support you need.
  •  Access to 2 of my most popular paintings where you can start teaching right away!
  •  My best seller – ebook How to Throw a Paint Party! Access to my NEWEST ebook- How to Use a Vinyl Cutter to Create Art
  •  Private 24 hour FB forum (stay connected, be accountable and have on-going support)
  •  Access to 12 Artist Interviews about how they have made money using art and their creativity!
  •  Additional Bonus: Bonus Tips on How to Make ADDITIONAL Money at the parties that you booked!

You are one PAINT PARTY away from your goals
  The Best Way To Learn How to Teach a Paint Party.
  A Detailed and Step-by-Step Instructions, even for Beginner.
  Learn Proven Techniques used to Generate Thousands Each Year
"....Paint Parties are the Gateway Drug to a Creative Life"

Jenny L. - Washington
"...It has been such an inspiration"
Jennifer,  - Michigan
"...I've taught 35 parties in 9 months!"
Jeanette, - Texas
How will your creative life look if you take this small step!
This gives you access to what you have been wanting, hoping, wishing for!   

Can you imagine being part of a community with like-minded, strong women LIVING, TEACHING and SHARING? AND getting mentored to do what you love to do!?  

I want you to IMAGINE…
What if you finally had art as a part of your normal life?
What if you finally were teaching and inspiring other people?
What if you finally learned how to create your own income?
What if you finally were doing what you love?
What if you finally made money instead of breaking even?
What if you finally did it?
You know if I’m talking to you. Let’s Do this! You get INSTANT Access to all modules and you can go at your pace! 
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ONLY $197 
You can make this investment back times 4 in 
just 1 party!!!!   
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You will not only learn all my secrets, but I have taught thousands of people how to paint and have taught hundreds how to create their own success through Paint Parties!   

Don't miss your chance on an awesome deal!   

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